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Soloists Shift CPE Priorities to Taxes

Z_ CPE solo vs all other

By Rick Telberg
CPA Trendlines Research

The survey on CPE and practice improvement, conducted with the Ohio Society of CPAs and consultant Michael Ramos, suggests that taxes are taking up a bigger part of soloists' practices – even though many say they'd like to diversify into other areas.
Join the survey, get the results.

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In Paradise, Calif., CPA Al Sperske, who's been reading CPA Trendlines for more than 10 years, is among those stressed out by keeping up. “Taxes,” he says. “Nuts in Congress will not leave them alone.” READ MORE →

How Can We Keep New Staff Longer?

Ed Mendlowitz CPA The Practice Doctor Q and ARegardless of your hire, there will be training involved.

By Ed Mendlowitz
The CPA Trendlines Practice Doctor

QUESTION: I know you advocate hiring out of school, but that seems to present a danger when they leave after we have invested so much training them. What can be done to retain them longer, if that is possible?

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ANSWER: Unless everyone you hire will become a partner, you will have people leaving. That is a fact of life.

Will the Internet Replace CPAs?

"Search for solution" on computer screen3 steps to remaining relevant.

By Rob Nixon

It seems we use the Internet for everything we want or need to know!

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Addresses, companies, people, products, concerts, store opening times, weather, golf handicap, cycling routes, friends’ whereabouts (or what they are eating – yuk) and the BIG one…"how to do" everything. The Internet seems to be our first port of call for anything we want to know or find information on.

The Political Cost of Sponsorship

Woman and Man Working with CalculatorYou may be wondering if you can afford it.

By Ida O. Abbott
Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know

Most sponsorship occurs informally, without any structured or programmatic context. Informal sponsor-protégée relationships usually start in one of three ways.

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The most common way is when a senior manager or partner

  • identifies someone as a star performer,
  • believes that she has what it takes to succeed and
  • wants to make that success happen.


Paying New Partners and Lateral Hires

$100 bill jigsaw puzzle with piece missingPlus a stern warning.

By Marc Rosenberg
Partner Comp: Art & Science

Pay for newly merged-in and laterally hired partners invites special consideration.

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Merged-in partners working full time who are not retirement-minded are commonly paid no less than they made at their own firm.

11 Questions to Ask Every Tax Client

Question marksAn easy way to introduce clients to additional services.

By Ed Mendlowitz
The CPA Trendlines Practice Doctor

Many times we have important preliminary discussions when we obtain a client’s tax information.

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Skilled interviewing, or effective follow-up techniques, can make these into an additional engagement.


How to Measure Social Business… and Why

cpas-love-facebook1It's not just for fun, so treat it like any other metric.

By Jody Padar
The Radical CPA

When I began dabbling with Twitter and Facebook, it was more out of personal interest. I found Twitter to be a fantastic place to learn. I became an active listener and then engaged, putting out information I thought people would benefit from.

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I still do this today. I interact with everyone I can as I learn and share. I compare it to the partner who always took important paper articles and put them on my desk. I just do it via social and digital.

Why Shared Values Are Important

Happy multi-ethnic business team with thumbs up in the officeBe specific to help everyone walk the talk.

By August J. Aquila
What Makes a Great Partnership

After trust, the second building block for a successful partnership is having shared values. It does not mean that partners are clones of one another, but partners agree upon the firm’s shared values, on how they are going to treat each other, the clients and the employees. Shared values are what bring a group of individuals together to achieve something that they could not achieve individually.

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The concept of core or shared values gets a lot of press and most professional service firms’ websites promote their core values to prospects, clients and recruits. But, like so many management ideas that are on the soft side, shared values are often more talk than reality.

Accounting Industry Sets New Hiring Record

cpatrendlines jobs report tiltVolatility in payroll sector keeps rolling.

By CPA Trendlines

Payroll hit a new high in hours worked even as hourly wages continue to slide, according to new CPA Trendlines research. For payroll staff, numbers and hours are up at about the same rate that wages are down. Meanwhile, women keep making huge gains.

In this report, CPA Trendlines highlights:

  • Current hiring trends in each of the bookkeeping, payroll, tax, and CPA segments of the industry.
  • Average hourly wages for key segments.
  • Typical hours worked per week, and
  • Trends concerning women in the accounting workforce.

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