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New eBook: Maximizing Sec. 199A Deductions

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By Stephen L. Nelson

Congress just passed the biggest tax bill in 30 years, and you’re probably already getting calls from clients in small business owners and real estate about how the new “Sec. 199A” or “Pass-Thru” deduction works.

“Maximizing Sec. 199A Deductions” e-book monograph by Stephen L. Nelson, CPA, at Evergreen Small Business Tax & Accounting, gets you immediately fluent with the new tax law, so you can confidently and comfortably talk with clients. And it outlines the urgent actions some of your clients need to take even before it's too late.

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Embrace Disruption

Objects and furnishings flying about office4 questions you'll have to face.

By Jody Padar

With revolutionary change, comes disruption. You knew that, right? The three laws of disruption say that:

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  1. Disruption comes to us all. So, if you’re reading this, you’re going to be disrupted. Congratulations, that’s a good thing!
  2. Disruption comes because of changes in the product-market fit.
  3. There are only three methods to change the product-market fit.


How to Reactivate Lost Clients

Young man getting mail from mailboxSample postcards and letters you can use right now.

By Jassen Bowman
Tax Resolution Systems

The absolute least expensive source of new clients always has been and always will be old clients. A staggering number of tax professionals fail to properly market to retain their existing clients, some of whom then become lost clients.

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This checklist assumes that your 7216 disclosure properly addresses the use of tax return information for marketing purposes. If your past 7216 does not authorize this use, then don’t do this – but update your CURRENT 7216 with such verbiage to allow future use.

Stop Wishing Your Life Away

Climber standing atop mountain with another in distanceLearn to appreciate the joy that comes from and surrounds the work.

By Bill Reeb

We spend about 99.7 percent (statistic totally fabricated but the phrase “vast majority” would certainly apply) of our time en route to some objective. If you can find happiness, serenity or a feeling of success only when you arrive at your intended destinations, then you are destined to be unhappy or feeling unsuccessful almost all of the time.

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I remember my wife and I vacationing in Puerto Rico many years ago. We decided to go to the El Yunque National Forest Reserve and walk up to the top of one of the El Yunque mountains. Given that we like to hike, this was not a difficult climb because it was only about five miles roundtrip on a paved path.

22 Things Leaders Must Do

Businessman carrying elephant on his backBONUS: 4 ways NOT to choose a managing partner.

By Domenick J. Esposito
8 Steps to Great

In his 2008 book “Strategy and the Fat Smoker,” David Maister wrote that we often (or even usually) know what we should be doing in both our personal and professional life. We also know why we should be doing it and (often) how to do it.

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Figuring all that out is not too difficult. What is very difficult is actually doing what you know to be good for you in the long run, despite short-run temptations.

All in the Family Business Niche

Portrait of Neil Fauerbach

Neil Fauerbach outlines several ideas you could use.

By Jean Marie Caragher

Niche marketing continues to be the most successful marketing strategy for accounting firms.

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Over the years I’ve received mixed reactions about whether family business qualifies as a niche. Are niches only industry-oriented?


11 Ways to Move from Time to Value Pricing

Businessman hiding clock in his suit jacketDo you know how much better off your clients are?

By Rob Nixon

As you go through the journey of value belief and client value perception, you have to be conscious of price parity. If a client has been paying $5,000 for your service and even if you feel it is worth twice as much, the client may not pay much more for it – particularly if it looks like the same service. Your client might pay 15 percent or 20 percent more, but double? – give me a break. Unless you completely redesign your product offering so it looks completely different, your current client will have a hard time paying the price.

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When it comes to new services that the client has never bought before – different story. There is no price parity with a new service that has not been purchased before – charge at will!